The Art of Music Production 学习记录 2

Identity, Vision, and Intention

Identity, Vision, and Intention
  • Identity
    Who are you ?
  • Vision
    What is your mission ?
    What are you trying to express ?
  • Intention:
    How ?
    How are you going to get this done ?

(Artist comparison) + (Contrasting artist comparison) with a heathy dose of (Unique differentiator)


  1. Choose an artist similar to you
  2. Choose a contrasting artist

  3. Choose your unique differentiator
    this could be almost anything.
Artist Identity Workshop
  • Musical identity
    pallet of emotions
    musical style
    vocal style or timbre
    instrumental style or timbre
  • Lyrical identity
    emotional content
    subject matter and message
    level of intimacy
    type of language: coloquial, reginal, urban, contry
    charaters and setting
  • Personal identity
    attitude, visual image, back story
Producer identity workshop
  • Genres and Clients
  • Vibe
  • The “Hang” Factor
  • Creating a safe spaces
  • Special skills
    musical ability, writing, arranging, etc.
  • Techinical skills
    engineering, editing, mastering, etc.
  • Personal skills
    attention to detail, organization, etc.
What is your identity as a producer ?
What is your artistic intention ? what emotion am I trying to convey right now?

what story am I trying to tell?


Giving and receiving feedback Giving feedback

  • specific
  • helpful
  • kind

Receiving feedback

  • open
  • curious
  • non-defensive



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